Waxeye Writing's rates & terms

Hourly rates range from $NZ35 to $NZ95 (excluding GST) depending on the complexity and length of the work. Special rates apply for students and not-for-profit organisations. Rates can also be charged per page, hour or work.

Coaching and tutoring rates vary depending on your needs. To talk over your requirements contact Waxeye Writing.


Upload your documents and instructions using the In Tray. Alternatively send the documents attached to an email to info@waxeyewriting.com.

I will respond within 48 hours with a quote and the date the work will be returned to you. Your deadlines are important to me. If work is urgent, please let me know and I will prioritise accordingly.


Invoices will be sent electronically, unless otherwise requested, and are payable within seven working days of receipt.


The service I provide is of the highest standard. Any concerns regarding the quality of the work will be treated seriously. The work will be checked by a peer reviewer, and where mistakes are evident, it will be re-done at no extra charge. 


Client confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed at all times. Unless you state otherwise, documents will be deleted three months after the work is completed.


Your intellectual property rights are respected and upheld at all times.


The working day begins in New Zealand several hours ahead of the rest of the world. Clients overseas benefit from this by sending me work at the end of their working day. Depending on the size of the job, when they arrive at work the following day, the work is completed – not only saving time but also taking advantage of the competitive rates the New Zealand dollar offers.