Good service providers can change your life


You know what I was saying about the benefits of living in a cold climate? I left one off. That's the one where you are snuggled up in bed watching the snowflakes fall, and trying to summon up the strength to get up when you receive a call on your cell phone (conveniently located next to said bed) telling you work is cancelled due to the weather. YES! Not only do I not have to worry about getting to the bus stop in a blizzard; I also get to play in the snow and hunker down by the fire with the latest Listener. 

But right now it's time to turn to the business of the day - service provision. This issue is of special importance to ladies living alone. Or ladies with cerebral hubbies or partners whose brains are not wired to day-to-day practicalities, which, let's face it, is a bit like living alone. At the very least we need a good honest plumber, a sparky and a mechanic. A reliable builder and decorator are also worth their weight in semi-gloss acrylic. I've been very lucky over the years with my choice of tradespeople, but now that I am a freelance writer I find there is a new kind of service provider of the cyber variety to bring on board. Unless you have a live-in IT expert (and mine has now left home for University) you will need an on-call computer technician. And if you own a website you will need a web host and an online marketing consultant.  Again I have been very lucky. What I like most about my providers is that they do not blind a girl with computer science. Everything is presented on a need-to-know basis only i.e. they get it that I don't need to know how these things work; I just need to know that when they don't work they will take care of it. 

Mine have been so professional and supportive - not to mention patient when answering my technophobic questions - that they deserve a plug. My web host (it's such a friendly-sounding term!) is Matthew from Caduceus in Wellington, and my online marketing consultant is Scott from Effectivise in Dunedin. Both were recommended to me by satisfied customers and both have been knights in shining white armour, rather like human versions of a Samsung Galaxy what with being smart, stylish and super user-friendly. 

All I need to do now is to find a talented beautician and hairstylist (when it's stopped snowing).