Waxeye Writing's founder Patricia McLean has a PhD in English Literature and has worked for over 30 years in academia and the public, private and not-for-profit sectors in New Zealand and the UK. Patricia has taught academic writing at Victoria and Massey Universities and has published articles on African and New Zealand literature. [Read Patricia's CV]

Patricia McLean

"Waxeye Writing started after many years of successfully 'fixing up' written work for friends, family and colleagues.  I found that my help was valued highly and that I loved providing this service.  

My briefs range from minor tweaks to the tiniest of texts through to complete re-writes of large documents. I have worked on literary manuscripts, business manuals, legal documents, annual reports and statements of intent, policy documents, research reports, advertising copy, educational material, scholarly articles, book chapters and more. 

My clients include academics, NGOs and government departments, and range from students to chief executives. I am also an experienced tutor and writing coach and can help you through the process of crafting your own work, both technical and creative."


 What makes Wayeye Writing different?

"Waxeye's values are commitment, energy and enjoyment. I am committed to providing the best possible service, to putting in effort and enthusiam in all my work, and to make working with Waxeye Writing an enjoyable experience.  

I am a plain English champion. This does not mean applying generic or simplified language across the board; quite the opposite, it requires a skilful, and often subtle re-crafting so that your document is accessible, appropriately geared to its intended audience, retains your “voice”, meets your brief, and  presents you and/or your organisation in the best possible light.

Exceptional analytical skills, along with a strong background in teaching, writing and research, mean that I grasp the purpose and meaning of a document in its entirety as I focus on the detail. 

Inconsistencies, incoherence or structural weaknesses are picked up on a first reading, as are errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation.  This holistic approach saves clients time and money and results in written work they can be proud of.  Your success is my success. "