Tea and empathy

It's not often that we come across a new product in the supermarket that deserves a rave review, but Madame Flavour's teabags are one such product. Read more

Great offer for great businesses

Waxeye Writing is offering a special low rate for any of its services for business and organisations with great eco-credentials. If you work for such a group or you know someone who does, pass on... Read more

The best city in New Zealand is revealed

It's official - Dunedin is the best city in New Zealand. According to an article published in The Herald last week, Dunedin was ranked in an ASB survey as the best place in New Zealand... Read more

Good service providers can change your life

You know what I was saying about the benefits of living in a cold climate? I left one off. That's the one where you are snuggled up in bed watching the snowflakes fall, and trying... Read more

The Idiot Box

Modern life bombards us daily with so many absurdities it's hard to know which one to protest about the most, so I've made it my mission to focus on what my Dad still calls The... Read more

On Sandberg, freelancing and being nice

Being a woman and a freelancer (a common enough ailment these days), I was interested in the Listener's feature on Sheryl Sandberg and women in the workplace. Read more

Adapting to adaptations

Aren't you filled with joy each time you come across a movie you love watching as much as you loved reading the book it's based on? ¬ Read more

The highs and lows of reading biographies

The biography genre and I have a love-hate relationship.¬ It's very rewarding to read an illuminating account of a famous life but it is also madly frustrating when the most interesting questions about that life... Read more